The Features

Maxsys AI is an end-to-end solution that requires very little human input.
Risk AI
Asset AI
Allocate AI
Trade AI

The Brain

It has taken 30 years of research and development, with thousands of man hours, to architect an AI engine of this magnitude.
Signal Processing
Fuzzy Logic
Evolutionary Algorithms
Latent Semantic Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Artificial Neural Networks
Data Mining

The Data

Data is the fuel for Artificial Intelligence, each day Maxsys AI collects millions of data points from various sources to learn about the market dynamics.


People create millions of public records each second via financial exchanges, social media, news, and blogs.


Every day satellites snap high resolution images and collect climate information from every corner of the world.

“We built an AI that understands the state of the global economy and then makes optimal decisions efficiently and consistently.”

- Dr. Tuan T. Ho, Co-founder & Chief Science Officer
Meet the Team